Niche Story - New In

Niche Story – New In

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On the skin, the finest fragrance components join forces with ground-breaking molecules to create a rich pink scent that, like the bottle, exalts the senses. The smoothness and gourmandize of Chantilly cream is a characteristic note. Procopio, the originator of gelato, is said to have created the famous milk cream’ in honor of the prince and future king Louis XV at Chantilly, another great French chateau. Marly has recreated this extremely cosmetic tone, true to its enthusiasm for the 18th century. Oriana is a story about a strong woman with a captivating sillage.

A gourmand, flowery, and fruity scent created completely as a textural variation. Flaky sweetness, tenderness, and sensuality combine in this mille-feuille. A flimsy pleasure of marshmallow and airy sweetness of Chantilly cream leads to a sparkling and juicy opening of mandarin and Italian bergamot with a joyous orange blossom bloom and blackcurrant center that is irresistible. The base notes of ambrette and musk lend a sensual touch to the mix. A glistening joy.

Oud For Happiness

Oud for Happiness is a gateway to the contemporary world. It enhances the effects of oud by inhaling a puff of freshly cut narcotic grass, which is energetic and unrestrained. The composition gives a pleasurable way to unwind while also boosting self-esteem. Enter a secret realm where the feeling of inner harmony may be lived, rather than an imagined utopia.

Open the door to a unique world of scents, where scientifically established procedures are combined with spiritual and mystical elements to elicit feelings. After three years, the collection’s initial release, oud for greatness, has established standards in oud and become a reference in the world of Haute perfumery. The collection’s second representative has arrived.

Seven Minutes

Seven Minutes, a scent that talks of early innocence converted into love and seduction, is all about passion. Opening with lychee, raspberry, and coconut, the user has whisked away to a seductive center of the rose, violet, and iris – a plethora of base accords that span the sensual realms of vanilla and heliotrope, as well as musk and moss. This fragrance is absolutely delectable.

Seven Colours

At first, it’s a riot of color, with a mix of aromas that conjure up citrus and fruity overtones. Seven Colors is the pinnacle of extravagant flamboyance. It’s a sensuous scent that dances on the skin, leading to a magnificent floral heart of iris, magnolia, rose, and jasmine in a joyful celebration of life, cheerful, and motivating to keep your spirits alive throughout the day. Finally, with a warm rich base of patchouli and cedarwood mixed with gourmand notes of amber and tonka bean, giving this perfume a subtle sweetness, it mellows to see you gently into your night.


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