Ocean of a Midnight Moon

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Ocean of a Midnight Moon is a perfume by Simone Andreoli for women and men and was released in 2022. The scent is fresh-woody.

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Olfactive Family: Origin: Italy


Ocean of a Midnight Moon is a fragrance that captures the enigmatic and tranquil essence of a night-time sea, illuminated by the moon’s ethereal glow. This scent is a homage to the ocean’s deep and refreshing qualities during the nocturnal hours. It encapsulates the mystery and majesty of the sea at night, bringing to life the serene and powerful experience of being by the ocean under the moonlight.

The fragrance opens with the crisp, briny notes of seawater, immediately transporting you to the shoreline. It’s intertwined with the bright, refreshing scents of citrus peels, evoking the zest and liveliness of the sea’s spirit. The addition of mint, myrtle, and juniper berries infuses the fragrance with aromatic and earthy undertones, reminiscent of the Mediterranean’s natural flora. Oak moss and fir add a green, woody depth, grounding the scent with their natural, forest-like qualities. The rich, leathery notes and the warm, woody aroma of driftwood create a well-rounded and captivating base, balancing the aquatic freshness with earthy complexity.

With its elegant and intricate composition of Seawater, Citrus Peels, Mint, Myrtle, Juniper Berries, Oak Moss, Fir, Leather, and Driftwood, “Ocean of a Midnight Moon” is more than just a fragrance. It’s a voyage into the heart of the ocean’s nocturnal world, a sensory tribute to the enchanting and mysterious beauty of the sea under the night sky. This scent is an invitation to experience the stillness and majesty of the ocean at midnight, a journey to the depths of tranquility and serenity.

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes
Marine notes, Ozonic notes, Grapefruit, Lemon, Mandarin orange, Petitgrain, Bergamot

Heart Notes
Moroccan artemisia, Juniper berry CO2, Mint, Myrtle

Base Notes
Oakmoss absolute, Balsam fir, Suede, Driftwood, Indonesian patchouli

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