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Rosendo Mateu Black Collection

Rosendo Mateu is the embodiment of a self-made man, as seen by his work, particularly the professionalism that pervades each of his works. Rosendo Mateu’s line has been offered at the top stores across the market since 2017. The maestro himself oversaw the beautiful design of both the bottle and the cover. A flawless product from the hands of a man who has devoted his entire career to the realm of scent.


Rosendo Mateu Sweet Rose

Roses are by far the most often used flower in fragrance for a variety of purposes. Combining Bulgarian rose, dried Turkish rose petals, and geranium, this blend aims to create the rich note of an Arabic rose. Organic Bergamot of Calabria, Italy, and citrus accords are included in the top notes. Aromatic components, such as Indian Sandalwood, Patchouli, and Vetiver, make up the middle notes. Fruity notes such as strawberries, berries, and passion fruit provide the scent with passion and vibrancy. These base notes include a combination of white musk and exquisite musk, which lends the symphony stability.


Rosendo Mateu Incense Wood

The smell of incense has a refined scented note with spicy and oriental overtones. This spicy and fresh smell has a molecular distilled incense centre, authentic Bergamot of Italy, Cardamom, Madagascar Cloves, and Ceylan Cinnamon. This collection includes Brazilian sandalwood, patchouli leaves, and rosewood. Incense resins and Tonka beans serve as base notes, with notes of Ambar and labdanum thrown in for good measure. White Musk and Oriental Vanilla Absolute from Madagascar. Oriental Exotic resins, woods, and ethnic themed fragrances. This formula clings to the skin, leaving it beautiful, sensuous, and full of personality.


Rosendo Mateu Fresh Oud

Oud oil adds a refreshing, sensuous, strong, and appealing tone to this scent. The natural scent of high-quality genuine oud has a certain freshness and flowery notes that blend in beautifully with the skin. The Real Bergamot of Calabria, Italy, is combined with sharp grapefruit in the fragrance’s top notes. Cardamom, saffron, and cinnamon bark are all spicy notes.
White jasmine, pure Bulgarian Rose, and fluffy and smooth notes of natural Iris help compensate for the floral middle notes. Sandalwood, cedar wood, patchouli leaves, amber, leather, cashmere, vanilla, and white musk are among the oud notes.


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