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Unique Touch With Liquid Hand Wash

Noble Isle premium Hand Wash is designed to make something as simple as hand washing more pleasurable and fashionable. To produce the range of exquisite fragrances, luxury liquid soaps, natural materials from all over the British Isles are blended with fine fragrances with clearly defined top, heart, and base notes. The hand washes have natural antibacterial properties, natural cleansers, and non-drying properties.

Hands are the most worn part of the body, so they need a non-drying Hand Wash that cleans and comforts while generating an interesting, long-lasting scent. The nutrient-rich ingredients cleanse, protect, and repair skin, while the delicate fragrance stays on the skin and fills the atmosphere with evocative smells, really encapsulating Britain in a Bottle.



This magnificent Golden Harvest Luxury Hand Wash has a fresh, fruity scent that comes from a mix of three English grape types. It’s the perfect complement to any bathroom. Our Golden Harvest collection combines an aromatic golden fruit, earthy woods, and musk fine fragrance with antioxidant English Grape extract to produce an aromatic golden fruit, earthy woods, and musk fine scent.

A magnificent combination of mellow fruitfulness inspired by vine fruits, with notes of violet leaf, sun-ripened grape, and green apple, complemented by the soft fizz of juniper berries and antioxidant grape extract from Kent’s North Downs.



The award-winning Rhubarb Rhubarb! Because of the presence of Rhubarb, which is recognized for its stimulating and cleaning effects, Luxury Hand Wash is high in vitamin C and calcium. Our famous pale pink Hand Wash is both fragrant and aesthetically attractive, turning hand washing into a sensory experience.

With cleaning extract of ‘forced’ rhubarb and notes of juniper berries and muddled rosemary, this bittersweet smell is reminiscent of the dewy wake-up of a Yorkshire spring.



Thanks to natural components of black tea and rose petals, which contain valuable natural oils that help seal in the skin’s moisture and promote smooth skin, our pure and attractive Tea Rose Luxury Hand Wash protects and softens hands. The British tradition of afternoon tea, a pause, a pleasure, a punctuation mark in the day’s events, inspired this elegant and sophisticated collection.

A pure and beautiful perfume, steeped in calming black tea leaves and English rose petals and mixed with invigorating notes of jasmine and crisp clary sage, with all the elegance and delicacy of a London afternoon tea.



Whisky & Water Luxury Hand Wash is fragrant rich with overtones of wood and spice, as well as a richness of proteins from natural barley extract, which is a natural skin calmer.

With warm vanilla and cedarwood on the aroma and skin-calming essence of Scottish malted barley, this liquid gold is reminiscent of the best oak-aged single malts.


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